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New Baby Tula Preschool Carrier

In a crowded market or on an adventurous hike, a carrier can make the world of a difference. And for some families, the desire or need to carry extends beyond our Toddler carrier. This is especially true for many children that have a variety of physical or cognitive abilities. That's why we've launched the first Tula Preschool Carrier, uniquely designed to support our growing children up to 31.75 kgs (70 pounds).

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The Tula Preschool Carrier has a similar look that you know and love from our carriers, plus additional features that make this the perfect "big kid" carrier. Created with our largest panel yet (51.1 x 50.4 cm) and reinforced with an added layer and strategic stitching, our Preschool Carrier is designed to be secure and comfortable on your continuing wearing journey. The Preschool Carrier has a weight range of 15.87-31.75 kg (35-70 lb) and is best meant for a child who is wearing 4T pants and above.

baby tula_preschool carrier

We look forward to hearing about your stories in the new Tula Preschool Carrier and continuing to be part of your carrying journey.

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